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The Cosmic Inquirer is a news outlet that caters to over 250 planets in the Universe.

Since Earth is not part of the Galactic Federation, TCI was not an authorized news outlet here.

We did get temporary approval to provide news to Earth that is specifically about Earth, and it’s well-being with one provision, we identify as a fiction based entity. We heartily agreed to those terms.

Humans need to be aware that they are not the only advanced race to have lived on Earth. From the ancient past up until our current time, many races of beings shared this Earth. Governments have gone through great lengths to keep the truth from citizens to guard their most precious technological and military secrets. Earth is besieged with nationalist efforts focused on retaining and maintaining super-power status and control.

The Earth has once again reached a point where the Galactic Federation will vote to assist the Earth or let humans destroy the favorable living conditions of the planet. The Galactic Federation does not look favorably upon the consistent displays of barbarianism by humans, fearing it would be a mistake to give aid to such a violent species.

There are those in this Universe who have dedicated their lives to serve all of Creation. We at TCI are proud to be sponsors of Life. TCI is part of a greater campaign to bring awareness to Earth. Our staff is comprised of both alien and native races, working to bring you the most relevant news to assist in the evolutionary process of the planet.

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