How the Universe Began

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Matter Makers and the Unicurse

The Kaliba and the Cupra

The Kaliba are Matter Makers, a group of Omni-beings that create matter. They are mutable, referred to as both the Testudine, Bringers of Life, or the benevolent Shadow Gods, taller than galaxies. They are the incarnation of the cumulative energy that bursts forth from the void.

In the beginning, a simultaneous impulse swam through the sea of everything. Some atoms woke up and discovered an urge for change, the most basic constant in the universe.

Atoms attuned to specific frequencies experienced a compulsion through collective consciousness. This phenomenon is observed in nature. All species work on particular frequencies. The same species of animals will occasionally develop similar evolved behaviors as those thousands of miles away on a different continent.

The atoms gathered, attaching to others with identic or compatible frequencies. Together, they formed something revolutionary, becoming the Kaliba, “the many become one.”

The molecular structure of the Kaliba is simple, resembling that of water, even allowing them to refract the Light of Being, creating rainbows of unimaginable colors. There are 11100011 colors.

Those rainbows separate into individual ribbons of light, colorful swaths cascading in all directions. The ribbons of light are called Cupra. They flow in the footsteps of the Kaliba as if hair underwater. There are no straight lines; light waves bend when refracted.

When a color connects in space with a ribbon of another color, the spark of life ignites. Per the property of wave-particle duality, matter “pops” into existence. The connection points of two or more Cupra colors become new universes. All life begins bathed in the purest light.

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The Kaliba do not control the Cupra. They don’t even see it. They never look back; they forever move forward, stepping from a blank existence, as all life animates the space behind them.

Not only do the colors interact and connect, but they make corresponding sounds. Each Cupra color is a unique note on the Omni-scale. A chord is struck as the inception of every universe, generating beautiful, eerie music – the Omniverse is a song of creation. Only Omni-beings and Angels can hear the entire song, while others are limited to the notes of their own universe.

The Cupra colors that make up individual universes are called architecte colors. A universe is comprised of at least 2 architecte colors. The more colors, the more complexity, sound, depth, and dimensions are present in a universe.

Approximately .02% of universes contain 100 or more architecte colors. The infinite variations of colors determine what is possible. The physics of these places is inconceivable.

There could be a thousand universes in the same space you are sitting in right now. If they don’t share any of our 7 architecte colors, they can’t observe us. Likewise, we can’t detect them. This is how two or more universes can occupy the same “space” without interference.

In other instances, universes may share one or more Cupra colors. A shared architecte color transmits information, broadcasting knowledge, feelings, visions, and ideas, for good or ill, willfully or inadvertently.

If you were able to witness another universe that Apata shares one architecte color with, you would be able to see, hear and feel anything on that shared frequency, while blind to the rest. That universe might look as if viewed through night-vision filters but will appear in the full spectrum and detail to a native. If a Traveler from another universe came to our planet, they might see humans as only an energetic imprints, never realizing there are different races of people.

**Note: There are 4 Omni-dimensions inherent to all universes in addition to the architecte colors/dimensions. All universes are in and of the Omniverse, first existing in those Omni-dimensions. Technically, our Universe has a total of 11 dimensions.

Only the Realm of Angels contains every color and musical note, allowing access to every universe. At the inception of creation, before even the Firstverse (the first universe), all Cupra colors were one for a second before separating, manifesting into one exalted realm, the apex of body, mind, and spirit. Angels are the only other beings that can hear the whole song of the Omniverse besides Omni-beings.

The Myts

Myopic Transfer Synthesis indicates a refractive error in the architecte colors at the inception of a new universe due to unbalanced atoms transferring unstable energy at the point of synthesis, aka, the myts.

Upon awakening from the friction of the Cupra’s song and bounty of light, the myts felt excluded. They experienced the urge to be a part of creation.

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There are two classifications of myts, though a feverish resentment defines both. The first are radionuclides, unstable atoms that spontaneously engage in nuclear fusion. They discovered a way to make an impact beyond the harmonious new waves of life. Boiling themselves into a vibrational frenzy, they collide with other atoms.

The heat of collision enables the second kind of myts – radicals. Radicals are introverted, splitting themselves many times, releasing fierce amounts of energy that feed a nuclear chain reaction. Both are dangerous, but radicals need their extroverted cousins to exist in the Omni-environment.

The radiation from nuclear chain reactions is the primary conduit for evil in universes, distorting matter at an atomic level. Few universes escaped the massive bombardment of radioactive emissions. From the myts perspective, it is far worse to be ineffectual and forgotten than be considered evil.

Our universe was created when red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, indigo, and violet concurrently connected during a nuclear chain reaction event.

In the capital planet Asplenda, children are taught to remember this process by singing a silly song.

The myts have fits, the myts have fits,

The Kal emits, the rainbow splits.

The myts spit bits of rotted pits.

The myts have mytzy gritzy fits.

The Mytzy Gritzy was also a fast-paced old folk dance that involved numerous couples whose partners were repeatedly passed off on quick succession to each other, eventually making their way to their original partner.

Just ASK

The first universes came from a brief pre-myts period of time. There were no nuclear blasts, no radiation, just harmonic light. Evil hissed the idea into hateful minds to smuggle radiation into these havens on the premise of leveling the playing field of life. In reality, destroying that which is healthy boosts no one’s quality of life.

The radiation was smuggled and released into 2 universes through black holes with devastating consequences. Those universes, unaccustomed to any radiation, are still void of life.

Through vigilance and luck, other pre-myts universes have so far averted similar disasters with the aid of Interstellar Security. The agency tirelessly patrols all supermassive black holes, the large main entrances that connect universes. They are the most challenging portals to secure. Incredibly advanced ships from ancient universes with unfamiliar resources are often nearly, if not entirely, undetectable.

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The more manageable stellar-mass black holes are portals between galaxies within one universe. Stargates are portals between solar systems and parallels within a galaxy. Both are under the jurisdiction of local forces supported by Interstellar Security through resources, training, consultation, and a shared database.

Currently, firewalls surround solar systems that house all tier 1-4 planets, including Earth’s, via ASK technology. ASK, or Amplified Superconductive Kinesis, relays directives to atoms through sound waves. ASK essentially trains groups of atoms to behave in a controlled way, protecting against unauthorized travel between natural portals.

The plasmatic bouncer keeps out eradiated, aggressive life forms. Interstellar Security installed the ASK firewall shortly after the moon’s placement roughly 13,000 years ago, which famously caused unprecedented, historic flooding. The moon base monitors Earth’s activities and maintains the firewall. If Earth continues to grow more radioactive, the firewall will also keep humans contained.

The Unicurse

To unsuspecting Apatic residents, the unevenly dispersed radiation is a fundamental component of life. Scientists have a difficult time imagining life without it, not realizing it is not inherently natural for all universes. It is the Unicurse.

The unicurse provides resources to produce weapons able to decimate all life. Radioactive thoughts cause destruction, though appearing reasonable or necessary to peers of equal resonance, which permits the building and use of nuclear arsenals. Many of these worlds are doomed never to reach their fullest potential.

Nuclear plants add fuel to the fire. Even the best methods for containment currently utilized on most planets will not hold indefinitely.

Radiation exposure is not limited to contamination sites. Nuclear blasts release a by-product called cesium into the atmosphere. It travels by wind and saturates the ground through precipitation. Plant-life absorbs the cesium due to its similar structure to potassium that plants need. Residue from nuclear bombs from the 40s, 50s, and 60s still infiltrate Earth’s food cycle.

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Honey is radioactive due to nuclear fallout from bombs dropped 60-75 years ago.

The Galactic Federation authorized the harvesting of DNA samples via regulated civilian abductions implemented by the Greys, the most sophisticated in biotechnologies. The Greys maintain bases on planets that meet strict environmental conditions. Earth meets the criteria, though the Greys’ base there predates humans by thousands of years.

Planetary governments determine a yearly cap of abductions for the highly secretive program—most governments opt-out of publicly acknowledging aliens to distance themselves from the mandatory contract. The abductees usually have their memories altered, though some still remember the invasive experience, only to be brushed off by complicit governments and misled societies.

Three separate programs utilize the harvested DNA. Operation Ogo, named after its founder, conducts research to aid planets suffering from global nuclear fallout and biological warfare. Project RAD, or Radioactive Assimilated Dinucleotides, uses post-myts radioactive DNA to protect pre-myts universes under imminent threat. The last project, dubbed “Shem’s Ark,” involves collecting and securing DNA of all species and races if mass repopulation of planets becomes necessary.

Time to Unite

Earth is experiencing dramatic changes. The vibrations of cursed matter across the universe have intensified since the arrival of the Brothers Grim, escalating issues that have been simmering for decades.

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The UJO implores planetary government leaders to manage efforts to heal global environments. Earth is not the only planet where wildlife is mysteriously dying on a massive scale. However, Earth now has an opportunity to become a leader in reversing global corruption.

In response to this universal emergency, the Galactic Federation continuously sends an urgent message via radio signals to every possible corner of the universe – Together We Stand. Together We Stand.  

The tasks ahead can’t be accomplished with division. The clock is ticking. Once equilibrium is achieved, worlds can get back to disagreeing for centuries longer.


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