Parasecurity in the Multiverse

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The Multiverse in a Nutshell

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Paradefense & Security

UPA Symbol

The United Parallels of Apata is the governing body of the Multiverse. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Gastos, appointed by the Galactic Federation and approved by the Galactic Assembly (Senate), the UPA has struggled against the tide of new technological breakthroughs that shrink the boundaries of the parallels. The UPA provides essential services, such as security, defense, law enforcement, infrastructure, intelligence, border control, immigration services, research & development, and disaster & emergency relief for interpara catastrophes, such as earthquakes.

A requirement for the position of Prime Minister is concentrated consciousness. The Prime Minister is not involved with the daily functioning of native local governments, but as the Chief Diplomat, maintains a working connection with world leaders in every parallel to provide education, support, and security. The PM is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Para Force.

Every parallel has respective global and local governments. The UPA does not interfere unless deemed absolutely necessary by his council. There are rare occasions where governments in multiple parallels voluntarily work in tandem, such as when the covid pandemic raged through every parallel.


Interpara Border Enforcement, a division of Interstellar Security , manages paramigrant refugees and fleas. Those with divided consciousness are barred from unauthorized paratravel. It is crucial for the safety and security of all paraselves that they never cross paths.

High-priority individuals are known to take refuge at shared paralocations and are moved to heavily guarded, undisclosed facilities. If their paraself dies in their new para, these hidden doppelgangers are called into service to resume life and order. The option is preserved for elites. One famous recent example is Kim Jon Un, who notably presented a dissimilar appearance from his native counterpart after a prolonged disappearance. It takes time to prepare a paraself for a new position.

If they are lucky enough to discover the existence and position of portals, refugees flee from war-torn dystopian paras, a harrowing quest. Interpara Border Enforcement relocates paramigrants to bases on nearby planets on the condition they do not procreate since provisions, including breathable air, are limited. Relocating paramigrants to a parallel with no confirmed paraselves is not feasible due to the enormity of the task and would break up families since the existence of paraselves varies from para to para.

Ordinary folk under no imminent threat that purposefully acquire the means to paratravel are called fleas for jumping to other parallels and becoming an annoyance. Fleas are sent back home. If they are repeat offenders, they are relocated to either an outpost city or forced to work at a refugee base camp.

As the Earth’s climate continues to change at an alarming rate across the Multiverse, the numbers of refugees have grown exponentially, becoming virtually unsustainable. Every para is experiencing the effects of climate change. Resources are already inadequate for accommodating evacuees. Many natural portals and anomalies are currently being shut down to reduce the access of large migratory populations.

Space Pirates

Approximately 13,000 years ago, as the Galactic Wars ended and the Multiverse was universally instituted, the Galactic Federation implemented laws against privateering. Previously lauded captains and crews whose skills and resources were limited to capturing enemy ships and seizing goods throughout the war created an unprecedented surge in unemployment. These conditions heralded the enduring rise of highly experienced space pirates.


Raider fleets quickly realized the reliability of stalking tier 1-4 solar systems equipped with firewalls that granted pirates considerable advantages, especially the predictability of freighter movements and the comparatively ineffectual air support of less advanced solar systems.

Freighter ships depart solar systems with as much cargo as they arrive with, so they are a consistently reliable target. The powerful guns they possess can’t match the agility of the highly adept fighters.

The piratic fleets consist of feeders, ropers, g-sloops, mercenaries, mini-blasts, and goblarts. Ships are equipped with state-of-the-art hacking and communication jamming devices, as well as electromagnetic pulsators (EMPs), maintained and constantly updated by domomasters that are either highly revered crew members or forced labor from enemy ships.

Marauder forts are strategically placed just outside the firewalls of solar systems, with scouts stalking from concealed points for incoming shipments. They alert the raider fleet, which has ample time to position itself while the freighter unloads, then loads back up. The Multiverse firewalls betray a freighter’s location, even with stealth mode, upon exit with a display of a plasmatic glow that resembles Earth’s aurora borealis. The freighters can’t reverse back through the firewall to escape without a new code. With communications jammed, systems down, and pinned against the firewall, they are easy targets.

Upon surrender of a merchant freighter, the mini-blasts, which are swift medium-capacity cargo-sprinters, complete the mission, as raiders sweep the holds for commodities. Successful fleets have several mini-blasts working in tandem. Once loaded, the mini-blasts flee to a concealed point of refuge, effectively disabling any immediate reprisal, while the freighter recovers its functions.

Captains of vulnerable freighter ships seek the upper hand with their own domomasters and any recently innovated deterrents on the market. Outpost cities on barren planets and moons thrive on pirate trade and patronage. Some freighters even hire pirates to navigate the most corsair-infested solar systems to achieve tactical leverage. The piracy industry keeps millions fed, leaving law enforcement agents little motivation to extinguish piracy altogether, knowing the alternative is the threat of poverty, famine, and war. The IS agents focus on capturing violent offenders and recovering stolen cargo.

Para Force

The Para Force, the military of the Multiverse, enlists elite soldiers from all parallels. These soldiers are stationed at a local planetary base located outside of a Multiverse solar system.


A Para Force presence at Galactic Ports supports and protects UPA employees and infrastructure. Troops do not interfere with local law enforcement for civilian crimes unless the situation involves acts of terrorism. Law Enforcement is left to Interstellar Security to ensure that there is always a presence on the base that will not be drawn away for civilian offenses.

The UPA has long been the target of terrorist attacks seeking to dismantle the  Multiverse, to “level the playing field” of all beings. There have been numerous attacks on Galactic Ports along with an effort to sabotage the firewalls.

In the last few centuries, the anti-para effort has grown exponentially. Per the UPA, more employees work in the Firewall Utilities Cryptography Department (FUCD) than any other department. Their assignment is to be ten steps ahead of any threats to the system. Even a seemingly benign attack on a susceptible system could wreak havoc, potentially causing mass chaos.

Agents are constantly assessing and safeguarding any perceived vulnerabilities. With so much at stake, there is little reason to leave such vital systems and network infrastructure to chance. It is far more dangerous, traumatic, and expensive to assist with emergency relief from an avoidable catastrophe.

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