Karmic Debt

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Part 4 in a series of 10

The Office of Debts is dedicated to Justice, Evolution, and Compassion.

Karmic Debts occur when our actions, or lack thereof, cause suffering and interfere with the lessons and life path of others. The main categories for debts are as follows:

  • Superbia – False pride. Superiority complex. Feeling justified to live better at the expense of others. Minimizing the accomplishments and qualities of others. Extreme self-admiration and self-promotion. Refusal to admit to one’s faults and limitations. Demanding to be worshipped. Abuse of power in leadership roles. Killing animals for luxury or sport. Entitlement.
  • False Righteousness – “Knowing what is best” for everyone. Dismissing opposing viewpoints. Shaming and condemnation. Judgment is weaponized. Controlling others through humiliation. Terrible deeds in the name of “high-minded” or “spiritual” beliefs. Oppression. Hypocrisy.
  • Laziness – Not doing one’s share of work, thus becoming a burden. Taking shortcuts in work, compromising its integrity. Shoddy work is a hazard, causing harm. Failing to act for the good of the community. Taking the easy way out no matter the cost.
  • Selfishness – Regarding one’s freedom and desires above the needs and well-being of others. Taking what belongs to others. Greed. Overindulgence at others’ expense. Emotionally abandoning others. Self-fixation. Narcissism.
  • Abuse – Controlling, dominating, gaslighting through physical and emotional aggression in close personal relationships. Unleashing rage. No emotional self-control or self-discipline. Psychopathic behaviors. Assault on Animals and Environment. Neglect. Torture. Rape. Murder.
  • Deceit – Lying and manipulating for personal gain. Blaming others for one’s faults and choices. Denying the truth to deter informed decisions. Acting the victim for self-advantage. Nonacceptance of consequences. Cowardice. Betrayal. Sociopathy.
  • Lust –Viewing people and relationships as possessions or things. The desire for sex, drugs, money, or power above all else. Unquenchable obsessions. Adultery. Unfaithfulness. Perversion. Surveilling. Stalking.
  • Envy – Intense feelings and acts of jealousy, bitterness, and vengeance for those who have what one desires or feels entitled to, be it money, beauty, love, luck, or talent. Corrupted emotions focused on the individual in possession of the desired object instead of the thing itself. Punishing others for what they have. Not seeing the gifts in one’s own life. Ungrateful.

The Office of Debts, a branch of the Ministry of Justice in the Between, holds hearings to assign and consolidate karmic debts. If someone truly does not understand how their actions affect others, then lives are spent exploring the many facets of that particular issue.

An example of a Past Lives with Karmic Debts and Suicide:

A struggling journalist indulges in slander for personal gain, ruining peoples’ lives. He is reborn as a mute female in the next life, paying a communication debt.

Believing she is incapable, her family takes away her newborn baby and keeps her hidden away for the rest of her life. She learns the powerlessness of not having a voice. In her isolation, she whistles to birds and falls in love with music as a way to communicate.

She is reborn as a talented singer but has trouble talking to others unless she is drunk after her life of silence. She kills herself by drug overdose before her prime, causing her family much pain.

She is reborn already depressed into a tragic childhood with little support; suicide intensifies incomplete lessons and adds karmic debt for causing suffering. She wanted to be a singer again; the voice from her past life was revoked because she wasted it. She begins to drink to connect to others as she did in her former life but changes course for something more meaningful.

She puzzles why life is cruel and unfair, seeking thoughtful answers that life never provides about human frailty, depression, evil, and the universe. She finds great joy in ideas, an emotional resource the Department of Premature Cessation  Judge granted her to aid her challenging journey. She comes full circle, becoming a successful writer, on merit this time. She still loves to whistle.

The debt was never a punishment; it was a part of the journey that brought her closer to her true nature. Those lives were about communicating responsibly and compassionately, using our gifts to lift ourselves and the world around us.

Life takes a few tries. A debt paid is a lesson learned. We all have the power to embrace our lessons.

Over lifetimes, karmic debts become points of karmic mastery.

If one intentionally harms others over and over while repeatedly refusing to pay debts, the Office of Debts imposes Soul Sanctions. Soul Sanctions are indefinite mandatory soul assignments without any freedom to choose any conditions, variables, or perks. Once determined the lessons are learned, the usual cycle of rebirth resumes.

Some individuals choose evil, usually to avoid the consequences of debts. Darkness maintains a divergent set of regulations and procedures. The Hand of Darkness requires payment upfront, claiming half of one’s senses and capacity for thought. Demons, dark advisors that seek to dominate, enjoy access to the will. One no longer belongs to oneself, in return for never facing the spiritual consequences for one’s actions.

The evil never fully develop. They are reborn without purpose, never rinsed in light upon death to cleanse the soul, becoming exponentially darker as time passes. They are always welcome to return to the light, but there is a steep price. They must carry the debt of their actions three-fold and begin life from scratch, from a single-celled being, working their way back up with constant monitoring, taking millions of years.

Keep in mind that it is difficult to judge someone’s life from an insufficient perspective without seeing the big picture. There is more going on than what meets the eye. People see a fraction of the surface of life and almost none of its complex inner workings.

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