Psychic Parasites

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The practice of firm boundaries is essential to spiritual, physical, and mental health.

Evil comes uninvited because it has no respect.

Weak personal boundaries attract psychic parasites. They feed off the lifeforce of a host’s energetic body, draining them of energy, health, and optimism. The host usually harbors a fear that there is nothing worse than being alone; the parasite takes advantage. As long as the host believes this, the parasite is safe from eviction.

Varieties of Psychic Parasites:

Evil Spirits – Those who avoid the Between upon death to sidestep justice do not receive the cleansing of the spirit. They become increasingly toxic over lifetimes. Darkness is continually usurping half of their life force and will. Powerless without a body, these souls seek energetic sustenance until they find a way to be reborn.

Tormentors – These are evil spirits that attach to one host for as long as they can, through lifetimes, centuries even. They keep the individual overwhelmed by constantly preying on them. An exhausted host tends to submit to this arrangement.

Contract Parasites – This is where the term “contract a parasite” originated. These parasites work for the Ministry of Justice. They only prey on assigned individuals. While they still drain lifeforce, it is part of a life lesson. Their purpose is to help strengthen the boundaries of repeat hosts safely and demonstrate the consequences on those with parasitic tendencies. The contract is over after one life or if the host evicts them.

Interdimensional Ghouls – These are beings with no desire to be incarnated. They can be from any galaxy, scanning the universe for hosts and latching on from a distance. Many times, they are fugitives, searching for a new safe and prosperous galaxy to escape to. Some have the ability to maintain a connection so strong that when the host dies, they die to, and are bound to a new planet per the Law of Succumbence.

Not everyone is born innocent. Parasites can reincarnate.

When parasites receive plenty of nourishment from a lifetime with a good host, it is more likely they will have the strength to be reborn into a new body, ready to spread their unique brand terror, be it locally or globally. These reincarnated parasites are often charming and brilliant.

If unable to receive the full nourishment they needed in death, but still manage to reincarnate, they are born equally weak and parasitic, living off of others’ energy in a way that damages the host.

Evil spirits reincarnate by hijacking conceptions not yet assigned by the Office of Incarnation of the Ministry of Justice. Obtaining a body takes patience. This is especially tragic for families that did not sign up for such an undertaking.

On the other hand, Tormentors can linger with one host for lifetimes, waiting for them to conceive. As soon as conception takes place, the parasite jumps at the chance to be born. It’s a cycle that repeats throughout lifetimes. Eventually, the host may choose never to have children in any concurrent lives to avoid the torment.

Symptoms of Psychic Parasites:

Psychic parasite symptoms include, but are not limited to, addiction, overeating, poor posture (dragged-down effect), depression, apathy, anxiety, fatigue, suppressed immune response, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and other imbalances of the body regulatory systems.

That is not to say all people with such symptoms have psychic parasites; other conditions create the same syndromes. Ill-health should be monitored by a competent doctor no matter the cause.

Parasites can be perceived in one’s energy field, taking any number of infinite forms, i.e., worms, blobs, shadows, spots, and bugs, to name a few. There are anomalies in every energy field, but parasites are mobile, especially when sensing a threat, unlike psychic wounds, which are stationary.

How to Rid Oneself of Psychic Parasites:

Hosts with difficulties ejecting parasites from their energy field have equal difficulty removing ill-disposed people from their lives. Hosts are generally meek, people-pleasing individuals that have been beating down through several lifetimes. They are easy prey for codependent relationships.

Parasites voluntarily leave a host only when there is nothing left to give, when another potential host has more to “offer,” or the arrangement is no longer convenient. However, the host is still vulnerable to other parasites until they strengthen their boundaries.

There are no outside therapies that will keep a psychic parasite out forever. A guide or healer can assist in banishing the parasite temporarily. It is important to note a true healer will encourage the host to reclaim their own power.

Some healers are parasitic, reinforcing the mindset that the host must depend on them to heal. If a healer says only they can help you, or they try to dictate your truth to keep you submissive, those are red flags to leave the situation at once. Questioning people and their motives respectfully is part of the process of developing healthy boundaries.

Utilizing auditory tools – singing bowls, gongs, peaceful music, listening to nature – reinforce a positive connection with a higher vibratory channel. Paying attention to how different communications affect emotions assists in recognizing red flags in our relationship with others and ourselves. Daily emotions are generally a measurement for how we are living our lives to the fullest, if our choices truly resonate with what we value and fear.

Ultimately, the only person capable of permanently eliminating the parasite is the host. Not even the host’s death will deter parasites since they attach to the energetic body, not the physical body. It takes a great gathering of strength, since much of it is drained by parasites, to stand up to the forces that threaten eternal loneliness, but it is far more comfortable to enjoy your own company, void of that fear.

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