Suicide Reincarnation

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The Darkness will always encourage isolation, doubt, pain, and fear.

When one chooses life, hope ripples through the hearts of all beings. It is a powerful magick.

People who commit suicide, the golings, are bathed in restorative light upon death, as all are once death calls, minus the genuinely evil. Once they get their bearings, golings must attend a hearing at the Department of Premature Cessation for breach of a Soul Contract. The DPC is one of three branches of the Ministry of Justice that resides in the Between.

At the hearing, a Judge accesses the Akashic Records of the most recent life and any previous life which has a significant bearing on the suicide. Akashic Records document the intent, nuance, and emotion of every event. Many individuals struggle with suicidal tendencies for several lifetimes. For many, Earth is a place they do not want to be.

The Judge determines the degree of fulfillment of mandatory life lessons. Also taken into consideration are the material and legal burdens left for others to attend to, the emotional suffering of loved ones, the postponement of relationship soul debts, and whether the sudden departure jeopardized dependents (spouses, children, elderly parents, pets).

Individuals that overdose on drugs or die through reckless action, such as drinking and driving, may qualify as a suicide.  The difference could be a foolish kid’s accidental overdose vs. a hard drug user that temps fate daily in defiance of life. The Akashic Records helps to sort out the intent of the death.

There are examples of suicide being a justifiable end to life. Those instances are primarily saved for those already confronting death, i.e., a terminally ill patient or a person jumping from a burning building. Situations of suicide in the face of enemy capture, torture, and execution may or may not fall into this category, depending on the case.Image

Suicide cases need to be looked at carefully. There are situations in which suffering is part of the soul contract.

In rare circumstances, the Judge grants a pardon if a goling suffered extreme and repeated physical violence and emotional horrors, provided it was not part of the being’s Soul Contract. Incomplete life lessons are delayed until the next life, and no Karmic Debts are incurred. Upon request, additional time to heal is granted before reincarnating. These extraordinary cases usually pertain to young children.

Teenagers are especially susceptible to suicide, often due to their inability to see beyond their own circumstances. It is challenging at that age to be different, not understand why, and be singled out and bullied by peers. Family situations may be unsupportive, toxic, or even violent, though that is not always the situation.

Teaching souls about their eternal journey, past lives, and the the big universal picture can bring some hope, understanding, and relief. It can sometimes answer “why” at the deepest levels.

If a breach of Soul Contract is established during the hearing, the goling must reincarnate to repeat the rejected lessons along with any newly accumulated debts. Repeated lessons are intensified, but the Judge has the authority to allocate more emotional resources to overcome adversity.

When reborn, golings may experience a sense of imprisonment beyond their control, i.e., poverty, abuse, neglect, mental illness, or any hardship. They often have suicidal thoughts at a very young age, a distant echo of how they escaped life once before. They must find the way to the light, as does the small flower impossibly reaching up from a crack in the pavement.

That is easier said than done, but it needs to be done nonetheless.

Suicide often feels like the only ending to a terrible situation. There is no magick left. Envisioning a positive future can lead to more disappointment. Anguish and joylessness can last for years, decades, even lifetimes, but it is a test that we all must pass at some point in our existence, especially on a planet with so much pain.

There are forces of light to call upon, to fill us with love and hope. There is an entire universe out there that wants us to overcome hardship.

Look for magick; it wants to be found.

***If you or a loved one is experiencing suicidal thoughts or urges, please call National Suicide Prevention Hotline — 1-800-273-8255 or text  Crisis Text Line — Text Hello to 741741 .

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