Reincarnation: Alien Souls

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Part 10 in a series of 10

While it’s lonely to be an alien spirit in human society, these spirits focus on leading humanity.

Established 25,000 years ago, the Law of Succumbence sought to address galactic imperialists as they supplanted local governments and stripped worlds of resources. Undeterred by the campaign of the Peace Force to thwart imperialism, their reign of terror intensified. In retaliation, the Galactic Assembly voted nearly unanimously for the Law of Succumbence.

The Law of Succumbence states when an individual dies on a planet or in its atmosphere, they are bound to that planet’s cycle of reincarnation until life ceases to exist and the soul gets reassigned to a new planet or until the individual acquires transportation to another world to which, upon death, they are then bound to.

Simply put, when any alien dies on a foreign planet, they are reincarnated on that planet until they can find a ride home, or the planet dies, whichever comes first.

The law gave teeth to the Peace Force’s anti-imperialist campaign. If a ship was shot down and all the crew members killed in foreign skies, none could reincarnate on their home planet. Instead, they were reborn where they died as the weaker race they sought to dominate. Imperialism was no longer a fruitful venture.

Only the Peace Force that defends the Universe remains exempt from the Law of Succumbence. They are guaranteed rebirth on the capital planet Asplenda for their service. There is no better reward for the loyalty and bravery of those who seek to uphold the laws and ideals of the Galactic Federation.

Initially, the law did not affect peaceful aliens with foreign settlements that traded resources for knowledge and technology. Individuals with certified codeports embedded in their energy fields could safely live on planets, returning home after death.

However, as wars broke out between alien nations, these galactic colonies became easy targets to obtain stolen codeports. Populations of friendly expansionists were killed, never to return to their home world’s reincarnation cycle, while their enemies were able to reincarnate in their stead. The Law of Succumbance was

Some worlds sent battalions to defend their colonies, only to endure further permanent casualties. Eventually, nations chose not to protect these colonies for fear of additional loss, which put an end to galactic expansionism.

Before the last colonies of aliens departed Earth, tens of thousands of aliens died here in wars. Until the transportation required to return home is perfected, they are stranded on Earth. Since they now inhabit human bodies, they are unrecognizable to their own people. Even if they make it to their galaxy of origin, strict security protocols against unauthorized travelers could impede their exodus back home. These lost souls now bound to Earth’s reincarnation cycle are called the Rangam. On Earth, they are referred to as Star Seeds.

The Rangam include those who sought to occupy Earth as well as those who defended humans but were not members of the Peace Force. As Quan Yin famously chose, some stayed to help humans out of compassion, accepting the cost.

As revolutionary leaders of thought, the Rangam influenced every field of study. Some of these geniuses were feared and prosecuted for their ideas. These eccentrics are still stigmatized in intellectual and scientific communities for their unconventional theories.

A few reckless Rangam armed irresponsible humans with destructive and terrible technology; others are highly spiritual beings that exude great love and compassion. For both good and ill, they have dramatically changed the course of the world.

The Rangam endure profound sorrow from the chronic separation from everything they knew and loved for millions of years.

They are restless, never feeling quite at home. Ostensibly strange and aloof, they don’t easily connect with others, leading to secret loneliness.

Most advanced aliens no longer visit Earth beyond an observational fly-by. The risk of being stuck on Earth as a human is a gamble most advanced races prefer not to take due to the resulting  reduction of intellect, inferior technology, and elevated levels of societal violence and political corruption.

Even the human body is an evolutionary step-down. Advanced biological forms don’t require protein; their ethereal bodies do not generate waste. The human body’s functions feel impure. Humans are also more susceptible to disease and have a reduced lifespan by hundreds of years.

On Earth, there is a remarkable diversity of spirit. Through centuries of struggles for progress, the gifts of the ancient Rangam endure, driving humanity

Note: The Greys maintain a hidden oceanic base on Earth, founded long before humans arrived.  They prefer not to integrate into human society. They don’t reproduce, are not a part of the reincarnation cycle, and have the means for interstellar travel.

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