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Know thy Many Selves.

The purpose of the Multiverse is to expedite personal evolution by assimilating many experiences at once.

Paraselves, our other selves in different parallels, simultaneously experience life in the Multiverse. Paraselves share one auric energy field and subconscious. Think of the mind as a computer. The subconscious is always running hidden programs in the background. One such program is the Multiverse.

If the mind is a computer, the parallels, or paras, are the monitors. You can have unique profiles displayed on each monitor, allowing one many points of view to explore a multi-faceted complex existence.

Paraselves are part of you and thus can be accessed through dreams, meditative states, and hypnosis.

The paras are not different universes; they are more akin to rooms in a house. There are innumerable universes, and not all choose the Multiverse system.

Only bipedal semi-advanced beings, such as humans, are assigned to the Multiverse. Soul contracts and karmic debts include lessons for the Paraselves. It is akin to taking multiple classes at once to graduate earlier.

Concentrated Consciousness vs. Divided Consciousness

Animals and plants have a concentrated consciousness or a single unified consciousness for each life. One plant or animal exists in just one parallel, granting a natural spiritual state of being. They experience the spirit and physical realms equally.

For humans, the spirit realm is not the standard experience from which life is perceived. Effort is required to maintain a deeper spiritual connection.

Beings of “supernatural” stature, such as Elder races and Fairies, also employ concentrated consciousness. The full power of existence is available to them, releasing the unbound potential of the body, mind, and spirit.

Divided consciousness, a consciousness that divides to experience many parallels at once, reduces the access to such powers to those not ready to wield them. Think of how destructive humans are now, then imagine if they were almighty.

Many people experience paratrauma, trauma being experienced by a paraself, without any notion of the source of grief. When nothing apparent happens in life to create a sudden shift of emotional state, it is upsetting to the self and those we are closest to.

The Most Prevalent Causes of Paradepression:

Para-Trauma – When one or more of our paraselves experiences deep personal trauma, the result can bring sudden anxiety, depression, and fear. As if conjured by a voodoo doll, physical sensations can be experienced, everything from palpitations to stabbing pains. If the paratrauma includes people we share this parallel with, abrupt shifts in relationships may occur. Unexpected endings or beginnings materialize. Dynamics with key individuals may never be the same, though nothing apparent transpired.

Para-Death – When a paraself dies a particularly dreadful death, we must reconcile the emotions subconsciously. Emotions intensify. Complete change of character or life direction is usually brushed off as an early, late, or punctual mid-life crisis. Radical changes strike like lightning. Anxiety, fear of death, and desire to live one’s best life rise to the surface.

Parapocalyptic Events – When paraselves experience catastrophic events, it can affect an entire population. Wars and natural disasters can ripple through parallels, causing instability in affected regions through all paras. Peaceful gatherings soothe communities in all parallels in a common region.

Some paraselves go rogue, causing ripples of disruption. Rogue-selves often occur if most of the paraselves strive for self-righteous perfection, suppressing and hiding as much darkness as possible. All that darkness eventually spills into a few paraselves that rebel against such confines. On occasion, all the darkness pours into one single highly dangerous paraself.

When paraselves pass away, hidden talents and new interests are often inherited. Upon para-death, consciousness becomes less divided, more concentrated. If most of one’s paraselves are unstable, then as the paraselves pass away over decades, turmoil increases for those remaining. If the majority of paraselves are balanced, they find life gets easier to navigate over the years.

A successful Paraself improves the well-being of other paraselves. Acceptance, gratitude, trust in life, and emotional strength are enhanced—some notice greater synchronicity with the world around them.

Take some time to scout the mysteries of the self. It will benefit all of the yous.

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