Reincarnation: Plant Souls

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Part 9 in a series of 10

Plant Reincarnation leaves souls with a deep longing for peace

Cases of plant spirit reincarnation into human form are increasingly common. The Inguili are among the most reluctant humans. The order usually dictates that, upon death, plant life stay within the realm of the natural world and default to an animal incarnation when necessary, but loss of habitat provides limited options.

Reincarnation Tree

Inguili are usually, introverts, though they love to be cherished. Many have difficulty fitting in with the hustle and bustle of society and so often choose solitary lives. Small talk is often excruciating to them. Cities tend to suffocate these people, though they may find innovative ways to bring new growth to wherever they live.

They tend to both carry and express less anger than the Dolash, though they are equally disappointed in what has unfolded on Earth. While the Dolash acquired millions of years of instinctively aggressive and defensive behaviors, the Inguili stoically stand in their own truth until they are forced into action. They have a knack for grassroots movements, a most humble, sincere, and effective form of protest and social response.

Steady and beautiful, Inguili enjoy a fondness of nature, a love of gardening, a fondness for art, and a kinship with that which grows from the soil. They possess practical natural wisdom and don’t feel the need to prove themselves to others.

The constant treadmill of mundane life can be utterly exhausting to them. They are gentle souls that can become very anxious in the human world. Many don’t like to travel; some never even get their licenses. Sometimes, they identify as agoraphobic, rooted in the safety and security of their home base, which is undoubtedly a charming and warm retreat from the world.

Alternatively, many travel far to be closer to nature. Hiking and camping, being close to and interacting with the ground, in the fresh air, relieves inner tension. That is where they are at home, and where they find seek spirituality.  

Love presents unique challenges for the Inguili. As plants, they were part of a larger, interconnected network of life, without the intense individual relationships that characterize human existence. Navigating the complexities of human relationships is bewildering for these spirits, with many choosing to remain single for life, or at least emotionally uncommitted.

Reconciling the need for material possessions with their innate appreciation for the simplicity of nature is a lifelong challenge. As plants, they rely on the balance of the world around them. Capitalism is practically a crime to many of them, as they believe the needs of all people should be provided so that they may live their best life.

These souls offer their quiet strength to the world. They might seem fragile to others, but underestimating them is a big mistake. They simply struggle to comprehend their new place in this rapidly changing world, yet they are no less intelligent or fearsome than humans. If you have ever seen the Kudzu corpses of smothered trees, an intense reaction to poison ivy, or the Venus flytrap in action, you’ve witnessed the dynamic power of plants.

Always reaching for the light, they open the curtains and are grateful for the sunshine that smiles through. A breath of fresh air and inspiration to those around them, they never wander far from the spark of life that usually manifests as a plant in the home or office.

Ultimately, the plants need to go back, for everyone’s sake. We rely on them for more than just food, clothing, fuel, and healing, but for our very oxygen, for keeping the atmosphere clean. For Life. Inguili have a higher calling they truly desire fulfilling. The way to assist these spirits is to re-secure restore their environments to full health and give them space to flourish.

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