Past Life Trauma

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Death isn’t the end. This isn’t the first or last life.

Know Thyself – a little deeper.

We have all had countless past lives. Most are challenging and full of suffering, oppression, betrayals, inequity, loss, and costly mistakes, not to mention horrific deaths.

Once death occurs and we move on to the Between, we are temporarily relieved of the pain of traumatic events. When we reincarnate, events of previous lives sit in the darkness of the subconscious, where they remain unseen and unchecked. Unresolved feelings can inhibit a clear perception of reality, instilling compulsions, biases, and phobias.

An example of how consecutive Past Lives play out with Karmic Debts and different Life Paths:

A self-centered artist steals ideas from others to gain fame and fortune, leaving his fellow artists struggling in obscurity. He is reborn as a man with color blindness, paying a creative debt. In this life, he faces challenges in his artistic pursuits and has to find new ways to appreciate art and beauty.

In his search for meaning, he discovers a passion for teaching and mentoring young artists. He is reborn as a dedicated art teacher, but struggles with his past memories of fame and success. He develops an addiction to alcohol as a means of coping with his insecurities and feelings of inadequacy.

He accidentally causes a car accident while driving under the influence, leading to the death of a young mother. Overwhelmed with guilt and remorse, he takes his own life. This suicide intensifies his karmic debts and adds to the suffering of those around him.

Reborn into a family that struggles with addiction, he is determined to make a positive impact on others. Despite facing numerous hardships, he devotes himself to social work, helping people overcome addiction and rebuild their lives.

As he seeks answers to life’s challenges and the nature of suffering, he is granted an emotional resource by the Department of Premature Cessation Judge to aid him on his journey. He finds solace in spirituality and meditation, eventually becoming a renowned counselor and healer.

Through his journey of self-discovery and healing, he redeems his past actions and transforms his life, ultimately using his experiences to uplift and inspire others, helping him to truly see the beauty in everything. He is currently able to reconnect with painting on a more soulful level, with great success and humility.

Not only does past life work increase the understanding of life paths like the example, but it also provides explanations for our “quirks” – our tendencies and what we naturally prefer or dislike. Those mysterious drives and urges are from lifetimes of experiences.

A few oversimplified examples are a hoarder who experienced extreme poverty, a person who drowned who is afraid to swim, or one who over-eats that once starved. Fear of heights, traveling, snakes, thunder, and spiders – they can nearly always be traced back to a distant memory. In the brain’s temporal lobe, the amygdala that triggers “fight or flight” sits right in front of the hippocampus. The hippocampus holds these memories.

Sexual urges and hang-ups can be attributed to past life issues as well. Fantasies can default to unresolved issues from another lifetime, causing some to find it difficult to enjoy sex while others are consumed by it. Coincidentally, the amygdala also carries the function of arousal.

Asthmatic responses are triggered in the amygdala as well. Suppose a person was once attacked by a pack of dogs that resulted in a terrifying death. In that case, the body might react to canine stimulus, causing the body to be inflamed, anxious, or upset when near a dog. The memory becomes an allergy.

We partially live in a mysterious past that is regularly begging for our attention while making current life choices based on unrecalled experiences from centuries ago. The emotions are downloaded with our consciousness in each life until resolved.

We share lives with certain people. Some relationships are karmic and complicated, while others are a welcome relief of familiarity, comfort, and joy from the beginning. We wade through the residue of past experiences to navigate these relationships.

Individuals about to be reborn choose their life path, time of birth, gender, bodies, parents, connections with people from previous lives, and other opportunities. They can also opt not to choose. Either way, we live with those consequences; that is part of the learning process. Options may be limited or removed when Karmic Debts are assigned, or a soul habitually chooses comfort over lessons.

Remembering past lives unleashes a tidal wave of self-comprehension, explaining talents, strengths, weaknesses, even preferences for specific styles, flavors, locations, cultures, and music.

Every person you will ever meet in this life has suffered. Centuries of wars, terrorism, genocide, slavery, sex trafficking, disease, and collective apathy haunt the psyche. We all stood as oppressors and oppressed, wearing different races and genders. The Akashic Library abounds with stories of battles and bloodshed.

With all of the horror unleashed throughout history, it is no wonder so many struggle to find inner peace.

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