The Multiverse in a Nutshell

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The Multiverse in a Nutshell

The Cosmic Inquirer Staff
Part 1 in a series of 5

The Fundamentals of Para-Reality

The greatest mysteries of the universe reside inside us all.

Many universes employ a Multiverse System. Although the resulting compartmentalized realities are often referred to as “Parallel Universes,” they are actually just parallels or paras that exist within a single universe. There are, indeed, other universes, which are part of a greater omniverse that contains all of existence, but those are naturally occurring, unlike the Multiverse.

When created, the Multiverse was intended to expedite evolution for humans and other developmentally similar beings by allowing multiple concurrent life lessons for each incarnation. Paraselves, our “selves” in other parallels, live life simultaneously, anchored to one spirit through one shared energy field and subconscious. Paraselves are possible through divided consciousness, a consciousness that is equally distributed to each paraself with strong boundaries that keep separate realities from merging in the psyche.

In order to be born into a Multiverse, a conception must occur in at least 30% of the parallels. Most people have paraselves in roughly 45% to 50% of the paras. If circumstances are unfavorable for a baby to be born in a minimum of 30% of the paras, then a pregnant mother might not carry that baby to term, although there are exceptions. Likewise, it is equally unsustainable to be born in more than 60% of the parallels.

Those born in less than 40% of the parallels often display greater intellectual or psychic abilities.

Planets are rated on a tiered system of evolution. The most primitive is the first tier, while the most advanced is the 7th tier. These tiers are based on the health and vitality of the collective chakras of a world. A new planet focuses on the root chakra, with survival and security at the core of life. The next evolutionary step would be regeneration and creation ruled by the second chakra, and so on. (Read more on the Planet Tiers.)

Once the lessons of the heart chakra (the 4th chakra) are mastered, when love and compassion prove to be a world’s primary focus, the planet graduates to the 5th Tier. Concentrated consciousness is then granted. Concentrated consciousness, a single unified consciousness for one being that is not divided among paraselves, yields a longer life span, a more powerful intellect, and seemingly supernatural abilities, such as manipulating matter at an atomic level or intergalactic clairvoyance.

Tier 5-7 beings are identified as angels, faeries, sorcerers, aliens, miracle healers, and those considered “gods” or mythological beings. Before the Multiverse, even immature beings were granted concentrated consciousness, wreaking havoc throughout the universe. Think of the Multiverse as training wheels, or bumpers in bowling. It allows people to understand the consequences of actions before they are all too powerful to do irreversible damage on a whim.

One of the most significant advantages of the multiverse is the imposed restraints it places on the capabilities of beings that are not ready to wield the power of concentrated consciousness.

Divided consciousness also bars one from unauthorized paratravel, or traveling from one parallel to another. It is imperative for the safety of all paraselves that they never cross paths with another self. Many protections exist to ensure the security of boundaries. Those with concentrated consciousness are free to travel between parallels without limitations imposed on them.

Animals and plants naturally possess concentrated consciousness, experiencing the spirit realms and the physical realms equally. Their magic is subtle; their beauty exquisite. These guides are essential to balance life on every planet. If too many animals die, their planet suffers a massive spiritual decline since animals are necessary to keep worlds connected to the spirit realm. Societal decay is, unfortunately, a common result that some planets never overcome.

The main disadvantage to those with divided consciousness is a struggle to maintain a meaningful connection with the spirit world, though some souls are more spiritually inclined than others. This is even more of a challenge for densely populated areas cut off from nature and beauty. Even divinely inclined souls must exercise constant spiritual discipline to maintain that connection. Many beings do not have the time, knowledge, or emotional resources for spiritual attainment, leading to a sense of isolation, hopelessness, and spiritual recklessness.

As our other paraselves pass away, consciousness becomes increasingly potent over time. While many people obtain wisdom through this process, others may sink further into despair in the wake of unidentified serial loss experienced in the psyche. The impact of a paraself’s death has an immediate effect on paraselves. (For psychological effects, please see Paradepression.)

One’s last living paraself is usually too aged to benefit from the physically regenerative power of concentrated consciousness. Though rare, some inherit concentrated consciousness at a younger age, benefiting from the regenerative capacity. Such good fortune bestows an extended life span, explaining how some folks live well into their hundreds.

Exceptionally uncommon are cases in which most or all of one’s paraselves have died at a young age, endowing one with a natural concentrated consciousness. Whether through the warranted or mistaken approval of an Office of Incarnation agent, by improbable yet possible anomalous events, or by hired parahunters, these beings have highly advanced abilities, for good or ill.

Parallels range in mood from boring to bizarre, from utopian to nightmarish. All experiences are uploaded to the Akashic Records during sleep. Often, as the brain uploads the day’s events, we recall some of our paraselves’ trials and adventures.

Confusing erratic dreams with disconnected bits and pieces can be attributed to various “clips” from different paraselves’ memories. To complicate matters, dreams can also be premonitions, flashbacks, guidance, and even visits from loved ones that have moved on to the Between.

Those experiences from dreams are as real as any waking occurrences. Our mind, body, spirit, and brain waves react with appropriate conviction. The subconscious has free reign, but you remember what is essential at that moment, no matter how seemingly insignificant.

The Para-functions of the Multiversed Brain

In our brains, 100 billion neurons are electrified with the spark of life, with 100 trillion currents or synapses connecting them in a cohesive mesh of interactive transmissions. Just to get a feel for how much that actually is, one billion seconds equals 31.71 years. One trillion seconds equals 31,710 years. One hundred trillion seconds is 3,170,979 years, an unfathomable amount able to process many programs concurrently.

During the installation of the moon that caused the great floods, most humans on earth were wiped out. The few chosen humans left, the most famous being Noah who was roughly 600 years old at the time, were allowed to keep their concentrated consciousness, along with their long life spans, but the newly engineered humans would all be born with the limitations of divided consciousness.

The world was repopulated through the ARK program following a massive update to human DNA by the Greys, the most notoriously adept genetic engineers in the Universe. With alterations to the brain functions, people were then born with a genetically modified inherently-occurring biological interface compatible with the Multiverse system.

  • Residing between the two hemispheres, in the center of the brain, the pineal gland gifts us clues through its pinecone shape. Pinecones are sensitive to light, only opening on bright sunny days to ensure the protected seedlings will be discharged in favorable conditions. Likewise, the pineal gland regulates our sleep patterns, increasing melatonin in light, and decreasing it in darkness. Altered states of consciousness open through the release of hormones from this gland, connecting the realities of parallels as they are downloaded. Sleep is needed for nearly all beings in the universe, but Multiverse beings need it longer and more frequently, as they accumulate more memories to download on a daily basis.
  • The thalamus senses others, granting abilities to see, hear, taste, and touch. It is the central processor of our senses, driving how we perceive the world, and permitting a cohesive interaction with our different realities. When off-balance, the processes of the superior surface of the thalamus slow down, while the inferior surface processes speed up, concocting a perfect recipe for a hyper-connection to the hippocampus, which regulates unconscious memories and concurrent realities.
  • The Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex, the main biological interface to multiverse program, also regulates internal communication. It gives us the boundaries to function as autonomous individuals in each parallel, allowing for the separateness of thought and feeling on a superficial level. It also provides self-awareness. When the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex is compromised, it opens awareness to “otherness” inside the brain while awareness of others in the physical environment becomes secondary. This can lead to confusion and neurodegenerative disorders.
  • The Inferior Parietal Lobe processes stimuli from the outside world, such as the ability to read others’ emotions, body image, mathematics, and language. It’s about the fundamentals of existence, the ability to read, comprehend and understand the world and one’s place in it. When unbalanced, it processes stimuli from the inner worlds accessed through the subconscious. Other points of the brain must distressingly work harder to compensate for this weakness.
  • When those other parts of the brain work harder, it causes inflammation, putting pressure on the Lateral Sulcus, also known as the Sylvian Fissure, which is necessary to keep consciousness separate and focus on current reality. When healthy, the mental boundaries between parallels remain strong, but when those divisional lines are blurred, the realities of paraselves merge, resulting in psychosis.
  • The Cingulate Cortex regulates the initiation of responses to create a desired outcome based on our autobiographical memories. When adversely affected, the paraselves’ memories are “over-shared,” along with their dynamic reactions. This can cause some people to become pathological liars, telling serial tall tales of experiences they never had with great confidence. Others might display intense emotions that are unrelated to their immediate environments and situations.
  • The Basal Ganglia processes the fine-tuning of movement and the direction of the musculoskeletal system to move in very personal and specific ways. It gives people a naturally unique way about them, from their particular facial expressions to their strut. When not functioning correctly, this becomes a shared access point, allowing another spirit or paraself to truly share its essence through the body of another. This is what makes Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) so profoundly verifiable; it is possible to recognize distinct personalities through this mechanism.

These processes intergrate with the Multiverse program, creating such a flawless experience for trillions of beings across the Universe. Originally imported from the universe Twē, it was set up across Apata10-20 thousand years ago, depending on which quandrant a galaxy resides.

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