Life Path Contracts in the Multiverse

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The Multiverse in a Nutshell

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The Office of Incarnation works with individuals to compose life-path contracts complete with lessons, sub-lessons, and debts for each paraself.

The Agents at the Office of Incarnation (OI) are akin to guidance counselors, assisting with picking the best classes for our long-term goals. Choosing a life path wisely is as important as managing that life; it is imperative to set oneself up for long-term success. On planets like Earth, which are part of the Multiverse experience, the process of choosing a life path is extremely complex.

Office of Incarnation Agent

If individuals have many lessons and debts, Agents guide them to choose a few complimentary lessons. Lumping together contradictory lessons, such as freedom & independence with commitment & responsibility, can make all lessons more difficult to master, though it is possible.

There are several reasons one is tempted to “load lessons” onto one paraself, such as believing that paraselves in magical, high-tech, or affluent parallels have the resources to carry more burdens. Others think that they can “sacrifice” a few paraselves so that the rest enjoy a good life.

If one paraself bears too great a load, it often backfires. Unlearned lessons are reassigned to subsequent lives. Due to being too emotionally over-extended to create healthy new situations and relationships, karmic debts accumulate. One can walk away from a hard life with little gained except for the lesson of not biting off more than you can chew.

The more responsible one is, the more freedom they retain in choosing their destiny, rather than be besieged with the allocation of undesirable lessons throughout many lifetimes. If one’s evolutionary development is progressing smoothly, then electing not to consult with an Agent is perfectly acceptable. People are encouraged to pave their own way under the right circumstances, especially since independently choosing lessons for a life path contract is the protocol for higher tiers of evolution.

OI Agents are especially beneficial for first-time human incarnates originating from animals, plants, or aliens, though new alien incarnates are currently non-existent in this millennia since most aliens are already well integrated, having died on Earth thousands of years ago. Those with no experience in drafting a life-path contract can be overly ambitious, quickly overwhelmed by their burdens, and lose optimism and faith in life.

Alternatively, some mastered the fine art of choosing life-path contracts with an intuitive understanding of the lessons and debts that naturally complement each other. When one has few mandatory karmic assignments, “free jams” are awarded, allowing the paraself to choose new lessons as they unfold in real-time. Free jams allow for more spontaneity, less structure, and a sense of adventure for all life has to offer.


In addition to guiding individuals in choosing the right life path, the Office of Incarnation (OI) provides valuable long-term relations resources to help maintain deep connections. For example, in most circumstances, they allow people to choose a life with a spirit they have formed a close bond with in previous lives to ease the pain. This practice can also occur with pets.

The OI also arranges meetings called “Friend Fates”, when a Spirit we shared a positive history with has a mutually scheduled appointment to connect so that both Spirits remember a profound lesson they shared together in a previous life. These clandestine meetings are sometimes fleeting encounters with an individual that makes a lasting impact. This can happen in one or many of the parallels at once.

The more parallels an event occurs in, the more it affects the psyche.

In addition to offering resources and guidance, OI Agents also are active behind-the-scenes support for their clients throughout life, advocating for their clients’ interests in the face of unexpected adversity. If a client faces a significant challenge that was not part of the contract, extra resources are sent to assist through the crisis, even if it is just emotional strength.

Still, many individuals may feel constrained by the limitations of their life-path contracts, resenting the guidance of their Agents. Others struggle to fully engage with their life path due to external factors such as poverty, war, or natural disasters. This leads to a feeling a failure when the same lessons are reassigned to the next life once again.

Moreover, some individuals may struggle to adapt to the human experience, especially if they are incarnating from other forms of life such as animals, plants, or aliens. OI Agents work hard to help these individuals navigate their new lives, but there are still many challenges that can arise. For example, an individual who is accustomed to living in a non-linear, non-physical realm may find it difficult to adjust to tasks as simple as getting a job and paying rent.

Despite any challenges, the Office of Incarnation remains a valuable resource for those seeking to make the most of their human experience in the Multiverse. Whether you are a first-time incarnate or a seasoned veteran of the human world, the guidance and support of an OI Agent can help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of life with greater ease and clarity.

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