Mysterious Space Objects Threaten the Universe

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The Brothers Grim

One by one, planets across the Universe are falling into civil unrest. A cocktail of escalating tensions, eroding civility, climate change, and disease has brought worlds to the brink of global war. For many like Earth, it’s been percolating for years.

The common denominator? The Brothers Grim.

Space Object Oumuamua

Oumuamua, Isheke, Skaut, Speculor, and Zhencha are cylindrical space objects spinning through space, emitting soundwaves that decelerate the vibrations of matter. These lower vibrations adversely impact everything they pass, as they resonate with primal emotions in beings, while catalyzing atomic tremors in planetary cores and atmospheric particles.

The Brothers were simultaneously ejected from black holes into different galaxies. Some scientists suggest they are from another Universe after harvesting samples from impacts with various space objects. However, more and more scientists are speaking out, suspicious at the unfolding coincidences, claiming this is nothing less than a premeditated, cleverly planned attack on Apata.

First spotted in Corona Borealis, Oumuamua has been pin-balling its way around the Milky Way. Astronomers tracked its path through the Northern Quadrant, including the populous constellations of Hercules, Draco, Cygnus, Pegasus, and most recently, Lyra.

When the Brothers visit, planets’ geomagnetic fields suffer intense negatively charged surges, altering the tilt of some planets’ axes. One worlds’ poles flipped completely, killing all life. Most planets, however, are experiencing a increase in climate activity, causing a spiraling surge in natural catastrophes that threaten environments and resources needed to live.

These drastic and sudden changes inevitably lead to a deficit of clean water and food on affected planets. Wars between nations for any remaining fertile lands are becoming commonplace, even for once peaceful planets. The most vulnerable people are not getting enough aid to survive. Some civilizations have been set back hundreds of years or more.

Scientist Dr. Franzi Groh, from Nexus University in Asplenda, accompanied by a whip team of Galactic Trackers from Interstellar Security (IS), observed Oumuamua repeatedly fall off the radar, only to quickly re-materialized lightyears away. They are known to be using black holes, but it is unclear whether they can self-portalize within a specific range.

“They came from another Universe. We don’t know why. We don’t know how. We don’t know if it was to send a message or to create chaos, or worse.” said Groh.

“Each universe is a completely different operating system. Untreated geological matter from another universe can’t usually exist once it passes through a black hole unless the universe of origin and the destination share most of the same attributes. That’s wildly rare, and the chances of 5 being unleashed at once is highly concerning.”

Galactic Press Secretary Sola Ray-Kes gave a brief statement:

“We’re working to reduce global inflammation on a mass scale. We’re concerned about the well-being of trillions of people and the securing of unstable environments. The Ministry of Health is working around the clock to understand the effect on biological systems.”

“It goes without saying, please ensure everyone’s needs are met for food, water, and shelter on your planet. Populations kept safe bring needed stability—plan for an extended period of insufficient resources.

“Also, be aware that transgressors will be especially agitated and more inclined to act on impulse under this influence. Dangerous behaviors are spreading like a virus throughout communities. Governments and Law Enforcement should provide increased security for the rise in aggressive and violent offenders. Caution should be exercised.

“The focus should be on maintaining a sense of calm. We’re not aware of how long this storm will last, but according to data from previously affected planets, it’s safe to say this is only the beginning.

“It will take effort and discipline, but anything worth doing does.”

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